About the Group

The objectives of the University of Kentucky Capoeira Club are to disseminate the art and the history of Capoeira; to recognize that Capoeira was a martial art created in the origin by Brazilian slaves in their fight for freedom; to maintain a healthy body, which means a healthy mind; and last but not least, to make friends in this journey.

The University of Kentucky Capoeira Club was founded in November 2007 by effort of two UK students, Eduardo Rienzi and Alfonso Suarez. Additional contribution has been given by Professor Rayma Beal permitting utilization of Baker Hall Dance Studio by the Capoeira club. Alfonso Suarez was the president from the beginning, and the first instructor was Joe Mandrill.

Antonio “Baiano” Lipscomb has been the club instructor since August 2008. Baiano has more than 10 years experience in capoeira and was trained by mestre Marcelo of Capoeira Mandinga while in Detroit Michigan. In 2003 with the permission of Mestre Chicote, Baiano began his training with contra-mestre Denis.

Charuto, Contra-Mestre Denis and Baiano

Charuto, Contra-Mestre Denis and Baiano


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